Volunteer Opportunities

Greater Milwaukee Chapter Officer and Committee Chair Descriptions


  • Direct chapter board and general meetings.
  • Monitor progress of chapter goals and objectives.
  • Work with Chapter Governor and national headquarters to communicate members’ needs.
  • Write quarterly newsletters/chapter grams to send to chapter.
  • Serve as a liaison between the national organization and the local chapter.
  • Network with other chapter presidents.
  • Organizes and assists with planning member events.



  • Arrange for a local conferment with national to recognize new designees.
  • Direct the committees and board in Circle of Excellence submissions.
  • Serve as substitute for the chapter president as needed.
  • Chair the nominating committee.
  • Direct the CE programs.
  • Organizes and assists with planning member events.



  • Meet with the outgoing chapter treasurer to review all financial records.
  • Work with the chapter board of directors to establish the chapter budget.
  • Keep official records such as the IRS application for exempt status, IRS exempt determination, Federal Tax ID number, general ledger, and tax returns (at least four years).
  • Monitor budget progress and provide periodic reports.
  • Manage cash in accordance with chapter procedures. This includes depositing dues and other revenues.
  • File tax return annually.
  • Organizes and assists with planning member events.



  • Attend all chapter meetings.
  • Keep permanent meeting minutes.
  • File important documents such as the chapter certificate of insurance.
  • Organizes and assists with planning member events.



  • Attend board meetings and provide input on Chapter activities.
  • Assist where additional help is needed on committees, I-Day, monthly meetings.
  • Gain exposure/background for possibly moving into other chapter leadership positions.


Membership Task Force Chair

  • Maintain the chapter roster of members.
  • Emphasize the value of Society membership to chapter members.
  • Recruit all nonmember CPCUs.
  • Assist board in maintaining active participation of all current chapter members.
  • Attend membership workshops or other Society training.


Candidate Recruitment and Development Task Force Chair

  • Maintain a current active candidate and prospect list, and coordinate with others CPCU Society Chapter Leader Guide 15 to be sure mailing lists are updated annually.
  • Understand and stay current of CPCU and IIA programs to attract new candidates and encourage existing candidates to continue.
  • Maintain accurate records of candidate recruitment and development activity during the year.
  • Promote the Society’s candidate membership.


New Designee Task Force Chair

  • Promote benefits of Society membership such as continuing education, professionalism, and networking.
  • Assist chapter board in recognition activities such as local conferment or welcome reception.
  • Distribute information and serve as a contact point for questions from new designees.
  • Encourage new designees to attend meetings and become active members of the chapter.


Education Task Force Chair

  • Schedule chapter meetings and arrange for speakers.
  • Schedule and arrange for a variety of educational seminars.
  • Schedule CPCU/IIA classes as required.


Visibility Task Force Chair

  • Establish and direct the grass-roots campaign committee.
  • Publicize chapter meetings and programs, special events, new designees, and Community Good Works programs in local media and industry press.
  • Direct the chapter website information.
  • Direct the production of the chapter gram.
  • Coordinate the chapter’s speaker’s bureau.


Research Task Force Chair

  • Develop research topics.
  • Recruit chapter members to participate.


Information Technology Task Force Chair

  • Implement and establish chapter database.
  • Establish procedures to coordinate with chapter board and national to keep database information up to date.


Web Master

  • Serve as liaison to national for providing information for website.
  • Establish procedures to coordinate with chapter board on posting information.
  • Coordinate the programs to deliver and serve member needs.
  • Research and make recommendations on links to other organizations’ websites.


Chapter Interest Group Liaison

  • Serve as a liaison to the national interest group committees.
  • Be knowledgeable and inform members of the 14 interest groups.
  • Develop interest group programs as requested.