New Designees

Congratulations on earning the CPCU® designation

Discover all of the invaluable benefits now available to you through your membership with the CPCU Society, including more than $2,000 worth of technical education resources, engagement with your local chapter and much more. 

New Designees of 2019
(Designation awarded between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019)

  • Jenny Bischoff West Bend Mutual
  • Richard Dern Arrowhead General Ins Agency
  • Austin Engelhardt AAE Consulting Group
  • Sarah Fechter West Bend Mutual
  • Joe Henderson Horton Group
  • Jill M Nyenhuis Crawford Evaluation Group
  • Tyler Schuster West Bend Mutual
  • Scott A Stueber West Bend Mutual
  • Logan Tate Liberty Mutual
  • Nathan Tesch ACUITY
  • Jennifer Valdes Jewelers Mutual
  • Lindsey Van Ess ACUITY
  • Jenna Wiederhold West Bend Mutual
  • Cheryl A Wolff West Bend Mutual
  • Rosalie Zhao West Bend Mutual

New Designees of 2018
(Designation awarded between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018)

  • Tyler Christopherson West Bend Mutual
  • Alan Edwards ACUITY
  • Erin Geszvain Liberty Mutual
  • Michael Glover Liberty Mutual
  • Crystal Goessl ACUITY
  • Andrew Grochowski Farmers Insurance
  • Linda Hagen-Mooney Erie Insurance Group
  • John Jefferys-White Liberty Mutual
  • John Kautzer ACUITY
  • Matthew Larvick Badger Mutual Ins Co
  • Casey Matthews Markel American Insurance
  • Sue Morgan State Farm - Wisconsin
  • Valerie Peters West Bend Mutual
  • Andrew Pipp ACUITY
  • Melissa Schultz Liberty Mutual
  • Andrew Siegel ACUITY
  • Nathan Simons ACUITY
  • Joseph Skalmoski ACUITY
  • Nathan Smudde West Bend Mutual
  • Alexandra Stannard Hays Companies
  • Stephen Szczecinski Markel American Insurance
  • Tanya Wesley-Beckley West Bend Mutual